LOL! Worst Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign! Check If You Are An Exception!

Aries- Don’t follow through

They are the leaders. They prefer challenges and take them wholeheartedly. But, they can’t stick to just one project. They are like wanderers, always roaming here and there and thus taking up multiple tasks at once which prove to be complicated.

Taurus- Stubborn

Yes, Taureans have this worst trait of being stubborn. You just can’t make them do anything if they themselves are not willing to do so. You will fail if you ever try to change their mind towards something, even if it means taking the help of logical and practical reasons. They’re hard.

Gemini- Inconsistent

They are inconsistent. Severe mood swings take place in them. They would like one thing at first but the other day they would probably not like it the same way.

Cancer- Over-emotional

They’re way too emotional beings. They would emotionally attach to someone and would never let them go. That’s why they’re often left hurt.

Leo- Arrogance

You’re so much into your arrogance because of your fame that you fail to see your background and your past. You are self-obsessed. But people still like you for your kindness.

Virgo- Nagging

They are critical. They will always be critical about others’ way of dressing, eating, lifestyle etc. They are damn judgemental. But it doesn’t end here, they do the same to themselves too.

Libra- Indecisive

Confused sign. They’re always confused between the two. Indecisive as they’re, it always takes the help of others for them to reach any decision. Even if they have to choose the clothes to wear or a better restaurant to have food, they seek help from others for the answer.

Scorpio- Jealous

Scorpions are jealous. They are way too possessive about their best friends and partners and can’t stand them talking to some other person of the opposite sex.

Sagittarius- Blunt

Sagittarians speak what’s in their mind. And most people love it. But this doesn’t work always. Some people find it weird and to an extent irking too. Sagittarians should learn to let it go, to take things easily.

Capricorn- Condescending

They like to criticize others a lot. Maybe they’re jealous of others’ success or something, they always find faults in others and claim that they can do it better.

Aquarius- Detached

They’re actually detached. They’re not too emotional and even if they are, they soon move on from their feelings for someone.

Pisces- Submissive

They are submissive. They can’t upset anyone and so it’s hard for them to say a NO. People also take their advantage because of this negative trait which they possess.

So guys, which one is the worst trait according to you?