This Warrior Grandmother Saved Her Family! A Successful Business Venture Followed!

Hard work and persistence are all that you need to have, and half the battle is won, is what this grandmother proudly believes in.

Jane Goh single-handedly raised her young family and started a new business.

She is not only the proud grandmother of seven beautiful children, but she is also an entrepreneur.

When we go back in time when business was at its peaks in Malaysia and Singapore, all new businesses needed packaging materials irrespective of what they were producing and selling. Jane’s biggest advantage was that she knew this. Without second thoughts, she founded the RJ Paper company.

The Malaysian and Singaporean creative class are the proud consumers of RJ Paper for the last 30 years. It didn’t matter if it was packaging, print materials, or custom manufacturing, everything is done at RJ Paper Company. As our natural resources are in danger, she makes sure that her company only works with paper mills and supplies that are approved by Forest Stewardship Council.

Jane’s leadership and the mentor-ship of Singaporean artists sets her apart from every other entrepreneur. Despite being the hard working entrepreneur, in Jane’s list of priorities family comes first. The way she can manage work and family is formidable.

There are many risks that entrepreneurs have to face, especially women. One-third of all small and very small companies are owned by women even though educational opportunities are still geared towards male students. There is a certain discrimination between female and male students in every single country. The confidence that makes these female’s fight through all that makes Goh’s story even more inspiring.


It’s shocking to see how drastic the situation would’ve been if she had not fought back. The way this entrepreneur fought through all that to come out with a thriving business is a heartening sight.

Jane Goh says that no matter what just believe that everything will work out. She is the real warrior grandmother!