The Twin Confusion, Have You Been Through It?

Firstly see this awesome video how twins play pranks on others.



When you were yourself a kid, twins must have attracted you always.

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They always looked very similar and at times identical.  Many of them say that if one gets hurt, other has to bear the pain too and so on. None has been proved yet though.


Here is one amazing story of twins on a road trip!


The story of Sabina and Ursula.They were both out to go somewhere, abroad. And suddenly when they were travelling they both got transfixed on the vehicles. They started roaring in pain, and their insane brought the whole travel group to a shock and the whole trip had to be cancelled.

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What if you were dating twins! Awesome Idea right?


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Now it is so confusing when twin couples get married.


Once one of the twins and a British gentleman fell in love. They got married, and he had no idea that she was a twin. But what is more shocking was, even the girl had no idea. She got separated from her twin sister at birth and was brought up by two different families. Somehow the British guy met the twin of his wife and the rest was HISTORY!

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