Top 5 Mysterious Aircraft Accidents And Incidents

Aircraft accidents always have a certain aspect of mystery around them that allude many possibilities. Although air travel is the fastest mode of transport around the world, securing an air crash with zero life loss remains a distant dream.

5 Mysterious Air Plane Incidents Still Unresolved

The mysteries associated with some crashes and incidents are quite overwhelming. We present here 5 such instances.

1. Egypt Air Flight 990

It was Halloween 1999 and Egypt Air flight 990 took off from Los Angeles for Cairo via New York City. After taking off from the J. F.K. International Airport in NYC, the flight crashed in the Atlantic ocean about 60 miles from Massachusetts taking down all 217 passengers on board.

Egypt Air Flight 990 air plane crash

First Officer had suicide intentions

As was evident from the flight recordings, the first officer on board the aircraft intentionally took the plane down by blocking the engines. Investigations suggested his intentions of committing suicide but some experts do doubt if he had any terrorist motives.

Watch the air plane crash recordings and investigation in this National Geographic program.


2. Helios Airways Flight 522

This air crash remains a hell of a mystery in itself with all the passengers and crew believed to be incapacitated mid-air! Flight 522 flying from Cyprus to Greece went down in the Greek mountains.

Several mistakes were made even before the flight took off. The cabin pressure was not checked before take off and subsequently when the flight rose to 20,000 feet all the passengers and crew fell unconscious with the plane on auto-pilot.

Helios Flight 522 worst plane crashes

All passengers fell unconscious mid-air

With the aircraft not responding to ground communication, jets were sent close to the aircraft for inspection. An expert from the ground tried to control the auto-pilot, but the plane eventually crashed in the mountains.

Helios Flight 522 flight aircraft accidents

Jets sent in to inspect

Watch the full investigation!


3. Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305

Famous for being in the Top 10 famous disappearances, this flight hijack involving a person named D B Cooper remains a mystery unresolved! Flight 305 took off from the Portland International Airport for Seattle but was hijacked mid-air by Cooper.

D B Cooper demanded $200000 in cash, 4 parachutes and fuel. He made the plane to land in a private tarmac, took the ransom, released the hostages and asked for the plane to be flown to Mexico.

Dan Cooper Hijack

Still Missing

All the flight crew were locked in the cockpit and D B Copper skydived into the night to an undisclosed location from the back door. He has still not been identified.

A movie was made on this aircraft incident as well.

D B Cooper Aircraft Hijack

The Movie

4. American Airlines Flight 191

There has been more than 5 flight crash involving the flight number 191. You believe it or not, this particular number does have a jinx associated with it.

Flight 191 was supposed to be a normal flight from Chicago to Los Angeles, but just after take off the left  engine got flipped and damaged a major portion of the wing and its hydraulics.

The leading edge of the wing was severely damaged causing the aircraft to uncontrollably roll and finally crashing in a field near the end of the runway.

Watch the air plane crash recordings and the subsequent investigations in this video.


Jet Blue flight 191 survived a disaster as well after the the flight captain went psychic in the cockpit! This flight number has such a reputation that it is in the “Avoid List” of most airlines.

5. US Air Force Flight Crashing With 2 Nukes

aircraft accidents

US Air Force B-47

An US Air Force B-47 flying a non-stop flight from Florida to Morocco crashed midway with 2 nuclear weapon capsules. The aircraft just vanished from thin air with no debris being found and the crash site never getting located.

This plane crash incident counts in the list of nuclear weapons being accidentally stolen, lost, launched or detonated also known as the Broken Arrows.

broken arrow air crash

Broken Arrow: 2 Nukes Lost

If you feel any other aircraft accident should have been in the list, let us know about it in the comments.

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