Top 5 Intel Agencies In the World! Did You Know About MOSSAD?

Almost every country tries to gather as much intel as possible regarding its neighbours and foes. Here we list the top 5 intel agencies that rock the world information scenario!

#1. Research and Analysis Wing, India A.K.A RAW

Entrusted with the task of collecting intel related to the external security of India, RAW is a silent performer! It effectively monitors India’s neighbours, with a special focus on Pakistan and China.

Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, helping the Indian Government do its first nuke test in secrecy and also deciphering Kahuta as the main nuclear weapons lab of Pakistan are some of the achievements of this agency.

#2. Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan A.K.A ISI

Head-quartered in Islamabad, ISI along with the army is practically the strongest government body in Pakistan! It is indeed one of the top agencies looking after the countries security threats!

The repulsion of USSR in Afghanistan is perhaps the most vital victory of this agency!

#3. MOSSAD, Israel

Speak of a daring undercover operation, MOSSAD is what comes to the mind! The boss of all intel agencies around the world, MOSSAD plays a vital role in the existence of Israel.

Remember Entebbe Rescue? Undercover agents of MOSSAD dressed like Ugandan soldiers and rescued the Israelis from a secure, well protected Ugandan base. One MOSSAD agent even duplicated Idli Amin, the then Ugandan President.

#4. Central Intelligence Agency, USA A.K.A CIA

Know the reason for America’s superiority over the world? It is CIA perhaps! This agency acts with the help of its numerous undercover agents located all around the world. Superior technology, the best minds are the trademarks of this agency.

Assassinating Osama in his backyard was not easy! CIA helped the mission! The achievements of the CIA are countless. But then it did mess up quite a number of times.

#5. Mission Intelligence, Section 6, UK A.K.A MI6

The oldest intelligence agency in the world, MI6 reigns from pre world war I.  The intel gather by MI6 was vital behind defeating Hitler and his allies.

The agency collaborates with the top agencies around the world in various covert missions still now.