Super Demanding Girl Friends Are Out Of Their Mind

How many times have you seen a couple argue only because the girl thinks that her guy is not paying attention to her? I am sure often.

The movie ‘Pyar ka Punchnama’ brings the same old concept of troubled relationship of today’s youth and the complications of love. If you have ever been in a relationship, you must be able to relate to movies like this.

But the question arises why? The reason is the objectification of love.

We think love is celebrated by going out together and spending money on each other. But that’s just the greatest misconception of today’s youth. Take a look at your grandparents if you want to understand what true love is.

Love is when you accept the other person with all imperfections. You don’t allow ego to come in between.

Now-a-days men are becoming preys to pseudo-feminists. Girls who think feminism is all about females who are seen as the always oppressed part of the society. And thus want special attention from their partners. Such girls need to understand that feminism is about equal right of women, not making them some privileged class.

See in the video yourself!

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