Sex Shorts To Boost Performance in Bed! Amazed? Read To Know More!


Have you been facing problems in sexual intercourses? Do you think that the things are not as good as they should be? And you blame your physic for the dissatisfaction. No worries from now onwards. Your nether areas are not being able to make it for you. And you want to improve your performance in bed.

Now there’s no need to bother, because a start-up has got something that is pretty much every man’s wish. While the product promises a god sexual life, the way to it is a bit related to faux leather shorts!


A start-up firm called VylyV (vill-live) recently unveiled a pair of shorts that is going to be their next big project.

These are not just any ordinary shorts however!

They record your movements throughout the day, and send that information to an app that specifically designs workout plans for you, meant to improve your pelvic muscles eventually. The end result is better muscle movements!


The app guides you how on the bunch of butt exercises to do, which can increase the blood flow and boosting the sex organs.  Crazy, isn’t it? The shorts look regular though slightly cheesy biker shorts. The company claims that the pelvic exercises performed by the user will strongly affect erection quality, prostate and the urinary tract health of the user over time.

Now only that. They claim that it can help you guys achieve multiple orgasms at a time. We’ve got a video for you. Have a look yourself.