The Deep Web is home to a great deal of special and strange stuff. While it has an awful reputation, predominantly because of Silk Road, it isn’t generally as malicious as individuals think it may be. So even Irish YouTuber, Jamie Farrell who runs the channel Obscure Horror Corner didn’t hope to find what he did. As a reviewer of horror games, discovering something that can really scare him out is an irregularity. Afterwards he discovered Sad Satan, what is presently being known as the creepiest game on the Internet.

Actually, it was so startling, he transferred five recordings of the game to his channel before at last erasing it. His explanation behind making that decision? The game began threatening him.

Just watch the video that he recorded. A girl with a lot of blood and that scary scream!

WARNING: This video may disturb you emotionally. Viewer discretion advised!

A reddit user named cool has started solving the puzzle of Sad Satan!

Jamie’s YouTube channel, Obscure Horror Corner , try and see the remaining videos here!