Honour Killing: Pak-Brit Woman Samia Shahid Killed By Ex-Husband

They say marriages are made in heaven and that it is the eternal union of two people madly in love. But many people do doubt it and its relevance in the present scenario! Islam is one the strictest religions and marriages as per the traditions is more than just the union of two people. It is the union of two families, two cultures, two traditions and two social circles. You bring about an essence of non-uniformity and various social problems start erupting bringing about a violent act like honour killing!  

Who Killed Samia Hamid?Samia Shahid

Samia Shahid, a 28 year old Pak-British woman, was apparently found dead at her childhood home in Mangle area of Jhelum district in Punjab province of Pakistan. She was happy when she got married to her second husband Syed Mukhtar Kazim. She dreamt of the white castles and picket fences in which she would happily live with her husband. But you know why she had to die? She married a man from a different sect. This was reason enough for her ex-husband to murder her ruthlessly!

The Vengeful Ex-Husband: The Honour Killing

Shamia’s ex-husband Chaudary Shakil has come forth and confessed to killing her because he carried a grudge against her for marrying a man from a different sect. If that is not surprising enough, he apparently killed her with the consent of her own parents. They have done what no parents in the world would do by trying to save the man who killed their own daughter.honour killing

Apparently Samia’s father had initially said that his daughter died of a heart attack but later he changed it and said that Samia had committed suicide. For this heinous honour crime, both the father and ex-husband have been taken into police custody.

Why Does Honour Killing Take Place?

The reason is basically going against the society and its rules. You follow your heart and break a long drawn social rule and you could become a victim of domestic violence! Breaking such a rule is perceived as a dishonour to the family which then commits acts of honour crimes to restore their lost honour. It is as bizarre as it sounds.

How Was Samia Killed?

Samia had come in from Dubai to Pakistan to see her sick father which is when she was murdered. Syed Mukhtar Kazim, Samia’s husband, was devastated when he heard the news. According to him, Samia decided to convert to Shia, his sect, against the wishes of her parents. When she came to Pakistan to meet her sick father, she had called in to say that she was getting life threats. On the 20th of July, her phone was suddenly switched off at which point Syed lost all contacts with her. It was then that he tried contacting her cousin, Mobeen, who told him the same rehearsed story about Samia suffering a heart attack. Even Syed Mukhtar Kazim still continues to get death threats!

Samia’s only crime was to marry a guy from a different sect for which she paid with her life!

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Qandeel Baloch: A Similar Story

There had been a similar story of a Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch who was strangled to death by her own brother in Multan. Want to know the supposed reason for the killing? Qandeel brother killed her to avenge the dishonour that she gave to the family by choosing such an unconventional career. Read the full story here: Another Spine-Chilling ‘Honour Killing’ In Pakistan! Qandeel Baloch Strangled By Her Brother!

qandeel baloch

Waseem Azeem, Qandeel Baloch’s brother in police custody.

If you know about any such act of domestic violence, do report it with the local authorities. It is time we stand up against such acts of cowardly honour crimes and encourage people to follow their heart!

stop domestic violence

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