OMFG! This Rich Kid Is So Mean to the Uber Driver!

Have ever seen rich kids flaunting about money? Yeah, indeed common. Insulting people with low wages. Even today such is the education system that money is given more respect than hard work and loyalty.

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Today, we will bring about such a fact where an Uber driver is been berated by a rich kid because of his “minimum wage job”. So this rich spoiled brat is from the University of Michigan and is now under investigation for intimidating an Uber driver . This guy asked his fellow mates to surround the car and then rebuked the driver and called him a ” minimum wage faggot .” Well, we knew earning something was better than earning nothing and getting your muscles made by papa’s money.

Just check this outrageous Video.


What the driver did was just refusing him the lift because he wasn’t allowed to. Also, he was earlier abused by him already thrice. He kept on using cheap words and abusing him. He just became a piece of shit for doing his duty and was insulted on the basis of his payment.

Later the driver revealed that this was the fourth time he was doing this to him. He must have known who the driver is from the Uber application, and he could have cancelled the ride, but he chose to set his standard down and harass and torture him. He had the intention to belittle him, and he did so.

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The rich kid gave an explanation that each coin has two sides, and it was he who kicked him off the car on the basis of his religion. We wish he knew what his religion told in their holy books!