6 Funny Ways We Use To Protect Our Money. Tried Inside Pockets Before?

Indian’s have always been on top of everything they do. That weird feeling when carrying a lot of money can sometimes be very uncomfortable. Even if you’re busy clicking pictures of a picturesque scene and the anxious uncle next to you taps his pant pocket, or when you’re sitting on a bus to see a pot-bellied man look around anxiously for thieves, you immediately know what they’re concerned about. It’s all about money!

Even our movies have that traditional dialogue, “money runs the world”. Since we are smart in our own ways, we’ve devised so many new ‘innovative ways’ to protect our money.

These ideas may work or may not work, but I’m sure you will find most of them, well all of them ridiculous.

  1. The inside pockets

We all have that tailor who will cater to our every need including the one where we ask him to stitch pockets on the inside. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be the guy who’d stick his hands inside his pants to buy ice cream.

  1. Fanny Packs

You might think this is the smartest way because it’s right in front of you and no one will unzip it to steal money. Seriously, whoever invented the fanny pack never considered the fact that a thief can slash the strap from the back and run away with your holiday money.

  1. The art of splitting

It’s never amusing to see each family member reaching into a different bag to pay a single bill. Putting money in so many different bags will only confuse you and cause inconvenience to the other people waiting in line.

  1. The number lock!

We’ve all seen one or the other person fumbling with a number lock over their purse. Imagine the difficulty of unlocking it every time you need your phone or id. Trust me; there is nothing worse than being locked out of your own purse, especially when on a holiday.

  1. The Ultimate Credit Card

Using your credit/debit card to make transactions is very good, in fact, it’s quite classy. But the apocalypse that takes place when you see the bill is quite horrible.

  1. Traveller’s cheques

Imagine buying your favourite souvenir by handing a traveller’s cheque for $2. The vendor is going to look at you as if you lost your mind. They’re accepted at various places but aren’t as useful as cold hard cash.