6 Prank Calls That Are Creepier Than You Can Think

Prank calls, we all have done it at least once in our lifetime. However, there are some prank calls that crosses the border of simple and lands directly into being creepy. Here are six such weird phone calls that are sure to send a chill down your spine. Ready to get goosebumps?

The missing call

When 18 years old Brandon crashed his car in a ditch he informed his parents. They came to the spot of the accident, had a 40-minute conversation with him but was not able to locate him. Suddenly, they said they can see a bright light and no one ever heard from him since. Weird!

Zodiac killer call

Donna Lass called her workplace to say she won’t be able to attend work due to her family issues. It was the last time anyone ever heard from her, many speculate that she was a victim of the Zodiac killer.

Baby call

Bashir Kouchacji was ultimately sent to a mental asylum when for nine years he received prank calls from a little girl. It was actually a person mimicking the voice of a baby girl. Also, his family and restaurant staff were continuously harassed.

Planned murder

William Wallace went to meet R.M. Qualtrough when he got a call from the later. It turned out the address was fake and when he came back his wife was murdered. This all happened in 1931.

The unknown watcher

In 2007, when Courtney Kuykendall’s family and friends started getting disturbing texts from her they got worried and took away her phone. The strange thing is even after that they kept on receiving texts including the details about what they were wearing and doing at that time.

Call from another side

Charles Peck’s girlfriend and family kept receiving calls from him in which he never said anything and disconnected the call after some time. The creepy part is that the calls started coming after he was killed in a train accident.