Pimples Just Before Periods? Know The Reason For It!

Hormonal acne  and pimples just before periods in quite common in most ladies! The reason remains unknown for many, hence the use of facial remedies does not really help.

Reasons For Hormonal Acne

Seven to ten days before the period, the level of female sex hormone (i.e. estradiol) drops in the body due to lower production by the ovaries. During this time the male sex hormone (i.e. the testosterone) levels increase causing an imbalance in the overall hormonal system. This hormonal imbalance results in oily skin and pimples. These nasty eruptions can indeed be stopped with a little effort from your end.


Salicylic acid is the only answer to this acne which cleanses the skin pores in the face thereby helping prevent eruptions and pimples. The moment there is an eruption, mask the eruption in clay. Drinking plenty of water is also another important requirement. Antioxidants help tackle the hormonal imbalance to some extent, hence taking food rich in antioxidants is another key factor. Do you meditate? Meditation and thereby reducing the stress will bring about a healthy mind and clear face! Incorporating  these lifestyle habits will help you fight hormonal acne for sure!

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