Despite Having The Most Beautiful Face, This Is Not The Girlfriend You Would Like to Have In Your Life

Beauty, there has been millions of debates and discussions on its true meaning. While some say, it’s all physical, others stand on their ground for it being an inner quality. It is a constant search to find the perfect beauty. What do you think beauty is?

This time, science has an answer for us. Beauty can be found in every face that every existed on Earth. Don’t believe us? Well, we have the proof for you.

The Study

In a recent study, Dr. Julian De Silva came up with five women who can easily be termed as being most beautiful ones in the world. However, none of them had the perfect face but a certain part that conforms with the Green Golden standards of beauty. These five parts are lips, nose, eyes, forehead and eyebrows. He then created, virtually, the face of the woman using these five flawless parts. The result is certainly not what we expected.

Perfect face of Rihanna

Her face has the right measurements at the appropriate angles, making her the owner of the perfectly shaped face in the world.

Nose Story

Amber Heard, she is not only beautiful but also has the nose that is scientifically perfect. It can’t get better than this.

The forehead tale

Who do you think has the perfect size of forehead? Well, it’s Kate Moss.

The perfect eyebrow

It’s Kim Kardashian who has got eyebrows that everyone wishes to have. Why? Well, science says they are perfect.

All seeing eye

The most beautiful pair of eyes belongs to Scarlett Johansson.

Lucious Lips

Last but not the lips, Emily Ratajkowski has the lips to die for.

The diva

When all the perfect features are combined this is the face you get. The most ‘perfect beauty’ in the world.

A beautiful face? Would you really consider her as the most perfect girlfriend on Earth?

Though the features are of most beautiful people but they fail as a whole. They are simply not compatible. Beauty is not about perfection, it’s about finding a pleasurable picture in the imperfections.