Ever wondered why people dislike you at certain phases of our life! Nothing happens without a reason. We are human and possessing negative traits is as human as having positive qualities. People often dislike us or get pushed out of lives due to one of those negative behavioural patterns which keep peeping up from time to time! There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have a bad behavioural trait, the recognition of your follies is perhaps the greatest achievement in life.

In this article we will try and find the most common traits that push people away from us! We will also learn the remedies.


SELFISHNESSwhy people dislike you

Imagine if you never get a favour from anyone! Will life become a bit more difficult? Yes? Then why not return the favour to someone. Giving away a part of yourself without any expectation is an inherent quality in human beings. Just that it gets masked with the short term goal of selfish intent.

Human beings by nature can sense a selfish act. Can you not sense when your colleague gives a favour to his/her boss just to be in his/her good books? Obviously you can! Same is the case with others. They can outright see your selfish act and get repelled from you! Well, I can tell you one thing for sure. If you start being a bit selfless, sometimes going out of your way to help others, most often than not you will get back the favour in the long run! Ask any senior member in your house, 9 out of 10 of them will agree!

CONCEITEDNESSwhy people dislike you

Do a bit of introspection! Do you always keep bragging about yourself? Your goals, your achievements, your happiness, your sorrow, your family, your belongings? Study says, this over-enthusiastic display of self obsession is something that most people detest! You need to talk about yourself for sure, but drawing the line and accommodating others is equally important.

To get into a healthy relationship with anyone, you need to understand and value other’s point of view, achievements, goals as well. If you don’t, you surely are in a downward trend. Build a healthy rapport with people based on mutual respect and  value for each other.

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SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESSwhy people dislike you

No one is perfect and you are not an exception. Understanding this can be both easy and difficult. Each person has his/her own goals and aspirations in life. There is no point undermining someone’s goals just for the sake of proving that your goal in life is more worthy. There can in fact be no comparison!

Give others, including your family members, the space fro following their own dreams. The more you try to impose yourself and your goals on others, the more will they start hating you.

OVER COMPLAININGwhy people dislike you

Do not be held back by your fate or failures! Over-complaining attitude brings back negativity and nothing else. Be positive, be strong and get over your failures. We will definitely be your fan if we see you grow from zero!

Without being retarded by your problems, challenge them and find a solution! There is no greater happiness than building your own happiness, working in harmony with others!

If we missed any major trait which needs attention, do let us know in the comments.

Cover Image Source: thoughtcatalog.com