OMFG! 15 Tricks To Use Old Things For New Purposes!

Have you ever thought about the countless things you can do using the same old things in your room or at your home?

When I ask this, you will just think of a crumbled paper which you used as a ball and your exam pad as a cricket bat in your school days.

But there are many other things around you, each having many uses which you have no idea.

Here is a list of 15 things which you have at your home that can work for other things too.

  1. Empty egg cartons for storing fragile items and as seed starters.


Flickr / Bruce Guenter


The Greenbacks Gal

  1. Toothpaste as a headlight haze cleaner.


  1. A toothpaste also helps in making diamonds and fine silver to sparkle


Flickr / Jørgen Håland