Men, do you know about this?

Are you aware that your lifestyle could affect the quality of your sperms?


You and your negative habits could indeed in the long run affect both the quality and the quantity of your sperms. So Do take care to negate these frequent habits you may have and preserve your sperm quality!


Do you keep your phone in the front pocket of your trouser?


Yes? There is as much as 9% chances of your sperm quality to go downwards as a result of this practise. The phone’s radiation adversely affects the testicles thereby affecting sperm production.


You Smoke?


If yes, stop it now. Along with the other harmful effects, smoking is a very important reason for infertility in men these days! Harsh but it is true. So if you are still not serious about quitting smoking now is the time for introspection.


Burn your extra fat.


Overweight is another important parameter deteriorating sperm quality.


Avoid very hot places


Very hot places are not very healthy for your sperm production process. Excess heat causes lesser sperm production and harmfully affects the testicles.


Now that you know the basics stick to these and put your sperms to work!