5 Amazing Things That Happen When You Drink Lemon Juice Daily!

lemon juice#1. Strengthens the  immune system

Lemons have a lot of vitamin C, that is quite effective in the prevention of common cold related diseases.

Strengthening the immune system has long term effects on your body with improved health and agility. Vitamin C present in the lemon juice has an anti-inflammation effect which helps reduce asthma attacks and other respiratory ailments.

#2 Fights Cancer

Did you know that lemon juice is rich in antioxidants? Antioxidants help in delaying the ageing process! Who wants to get old any ways? 😀

But more importantly these antioxidants reduces the possibility of cancer cells in the body.

#3. Better Skin

Lemon is perhaps the best solution to blemished skin! Most people are unaware, drinking lemon juice daily prevents the free radical damage of the skin cells.

Lemon juice also kills the bad bacteria which result in acne!

#4. Improved Digestion

All the diseases start from the stomach! This is what most doctors say. Improper digestion is a common ailment and guess what the easiest remedy is! Lemon juice helps cleanse the liver resulting in improved bile production which results in much better digestion and good appetite.

Drink lemon juice daily and get rid of heartburn, indigestion related problems!

#5. Promotes weight loss

Lemon juice increases the alkalinity in the body and research says this results in weight loss.

Put a spoon of lemon juice in a luke warm glass of water and have it daily after waking up. You are sure to be happy when you take your weight after a month! 🙂

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