Why Is Kissing So Important? Learn How To Be A Great Kisser!

The strength of relationship is deepened not by sex but by the beautiful warmth of your lover’s touch and passionate and deep kisses. It must be noted that with time romance in relationships begin to fade. Romance is not just having sex spending quality time with each other , warm Hugs and deep kisses. Speaking o we cannot keep aside the importance of kisses.

Why is kissing so important?


In a new relationship the sudden kissing and the chill runningĀ  down the spine is much more evident. However which time the thrill slowly starts to fade. The warmth of touches and the Kissing is kept stacked for the time of intercourses. Kisses turn into a mere trailer for the act of sexual intercourse. As a result of which, the initial scintillating essence of making love is slowly lost.

What is the role of kisses in intercourse?


Sex is not merely the unison of two bodies, it has a deep role to play. To sustain the beauty and warmth of a relationship, a good sex life is essentially needed. That’s why you have to get hold and retain the warmth of kisses.

How to be a great kisser?


Here are 5 tips to be a great kisser and spice up your sexual life –

1) Relax – Don’t be tense and make your lips and jaws tighten. Relax, that makes your lips softer. Let your hormones do the talking.Remember that you are kissing a person not a log.

2) Brush- Although odour should not matter in a serious relationship, however, bad breath can be a huge turn off.

3) Don’t be very sloppy- Kissing releases a lot of saliva, but too much of it can be irritating for your partner.

4) Enjoy and Cuddle- Lose your mind in the kissing and don’t think about any other things.

5) Continue as long as you can – Suck the bottom lips of your partner as you pull away, to make your partner want more.

What are the best types of kissing?

Here are the five best types of kisses :

1) French Kiss – it has a lot of tongue involved in it and it is considered the most used type of kissing.


2) Butterfly Kiss- Here you kiss with your faces so close that the eyelashes mingle as you go on.

3) Lip Gloss Kiss- Here one partner applies lip gloss and tries to transfer the lip gloss onto the other one’s lips.

4) Icy Kiss – For those who haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey, in this kiss one partner tries to seduce the other using a piece of ice in his or her mouth and transferring in the other’s.

5) Chocolate Kiss- One partner has some chocolate and some liquid chocolate on the lips and the other sucks it off.


P.S. – It’s yummy!

That’s all you need to know to retain the passion and desire in your sex life! Make sure that your partner never has enough of you!



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