Horrific Nazi Killings! New Facts Found.

Truth always finds its way  some way or the other and comes in the limelight. Hitler and World War II came together. The Nazis committed crimes which the world fears even now. We all felt that yes, the fight was worth it.

But did we all have any idea what the Nazis were hiding from us?

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After they had hit Poland hard in 1939, murder factories were set up.

In the early 40s, they used to ruthlessly kill Jews, prisoners in the camps. The event that took place in Sobibor can be a horror even now. They brought about two to three lakhs of people on trains, and all of them were killed by throwing them in the gas chambers.

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Anyhow, the left out prisoners united, rose up and escaped.

But then the Nazis had to hide all the evidence. So they decided for the closure of the camp, The gas chambers were buried in concrete. Ploughing was done, and finally, crops were grown above them to hide everything. The poles leading to gas chamber are visible in the image given in the next page.