Wed It Like David And Victoria Beckham! Amazing Snaps! 17Th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations.

With news of celebrity couples splitting up, today’s generation tends to lose its faith in true love. Celebrities who share the news of their dating life with their fans are always at targeted when the rumours of breakup arise. After all, they are the role models for youngsters. They need to set a good example before them. When Taylor Swift broke with Calvin Harris, her fans were greatly disappointed. Soon the news of her link up British actor Tom Hiddleston arose. There were both positive and negative responses.

Once a really close couple, Zac Effron, and Vanessa Hudgens broke up in 2010. The lead cast of the High School Musical trilogy once made a cute couple.

Amidst all these stories of breakups, one couple has been strong and lively since forever. Yes, we are talking about none other than the Beckhams.

The 4th of July is celebrated by the Beckhams not only as a day of American Independence but also as their Wedding Anniversary. Married in 1999 on the same day, they individually shared some wedding pictures on Instagram.

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This picture was put on Instagram by David, with a caption that made our heart swell with joy. David says that he considers himself lucky to have found such a lovely wife who is also a great mother of four beautiful children.

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This post wedding picture was posted by Victoria with another heart-warming caption! It’s difficult to say which picture is better as both of them look so love drunk. In the caption, Victoria writes that she is blessed to be Beckham’s wife and best friend.  She says her husband is the kindest man she’s ever met and wishes him a happy anniversary.

Below are some more of the wedding pictures we’ve found. Each of them looks amazing.

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David and Victoria Beckham give us some serious relationship goals now!