Can Foetuses Hear And Understand What the Mother Speaks? Studies Say Yes!

Do babies response to stimuli?

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Just to check on this, some pregnant ladies were asked to be in a dark room to and behave in three different ways. First by rubbing their womb and then by speaking to them and lastly to give a hand of support by just placing their hand beside them. With the help of ultra-sonography, they tried to record the movement of the foetus. The foetuses reacted to the first one, the most.

Not just that, when the mother speaks to the baby, the foetus tries to gain some language skills and learn them.

Foetuses that mature early learn their language better and develop great skills in reading too. This is because their mother already did read to them when they were inside her womb.

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This makes them more fit to hear properly, and the brain knows now how to hear. You can always read and talk to your junior. The babies are also able to recognize their mother’s voice and hear it. It is only because of this why the foetuses reacted!

The baby is also very smart here. He starts taking in information in the last two months of pregnancy. Babies henceforth can understand the language in which her mother spoke to her. He can recognize his mother tongue over any other language.

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So, mummy, you know now that your child is not even waiting for his birth.  So, interact with him and don’t make him learn all on his own. Motivate him and boost him up. Make him a smart foetus, already!