My Baby Brother And How We Became The Best Friends

How often have you been embarrassed with one of your silly childhood stories being revealed at a family get-together? Most of us have had to face this one time or the other. But this is a story that I don’t mind getting embarrassed about -the story of my baby brother. ‘I want a baby brother’ started being a common phrase in all my prayers when I was about 5 or 6!my little brother This story is followed by that one happy Sunday in September when I welcomed my new baby brother, someone whom I had longed for quite some time! He was supposed to be my best friend, although the quarrels and silly fights kept continuing as he grew up. We shared our joys, we shared our failures and till date he is the source of my positive energy, my ray of sunshine and hope!

My Little Brother: My Partner In Crimei want a baby brother

Irritating me beyond belief is something that came to him naturally even before he could start crawling. But I would never complain as I had plenty of opportunities to return the favour as well. As he grew up, this baby brother of mine started being mature and I could always count on him to have my back even if no-one else would. He became my unofficial partner in crime and I chose to make it stay that way for our own selfish desires!

My Brother: My Support Systemmy little brother

Even at a time when most things were beyond his realm of understanding, he understood my emotions. My brother still continues to be my ultimate support system! His unconditional love and the belief in me made me more responsible than I actually was. Let it be simple menial tasks like fixing him a sandwich when elders were not around or helping him out with his studies. I was able to take charge when it came to him. This instilled in me the confidence to take charge of my own life as well! My little brother’s unimpeachable look that doesn’t possess even the slightest trace of doubt saying “My sister can do anything” instilled in me the confidence to take charge of my own life as well! This belief in myself helped me achieve my own goals that I previously considered to be unattainable. Putting someone else’s needs above myself was not something that I was used to. But he made me set my priorities straight. I wouldn’t consider myself selfless but I was even ready to sacrifice my prestige and take the blame for his ungodly mischiefs. He made me realize that I am not the only person in my world.

Can A Brother And Sister Be Best Friends?

To me unconditional love was a concept that existed only in movies. My baby brother made me realize that it is possible to love someone that much no matter what. Though he makes me recharge his cell phone occasionally and I still make him carry my bags, ours is a relationship that has no expectations or disappointments. I always get more than I expect from brother They say “in a brother you’ll always have a buddy.” That did indeed come true in my case. He’s always the first person I call to confess anything and everything and I am the first person he calls as well. Whether be it something as silly as a 17 out of 20 in a test or his latest girlfriend, I always try to be there for him.  As we grew up, we became busy and we are not able to keep in touch on a daily basis. But even after years, we would still be on the same page. That is the beauty of having a brother. There is no best friend like a baby brother and I could not be happier to have him in my life. At every dark alley in my life and at every sunshine we will always stand firm together!

Do watch this wonderful video of a little brother answering some amazing questions and having fun with his sister!


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