Are You The Best Father? Surprise Your Kid With This Amazing Playhouse!


Ever wanted to build a smart and beautiful playhouse for your kid? This video is a must watch for parents who want to surprise their kids with this awesome playhouse built in simple steps. Learn and repeat the process and amaze your kid with this wonderful playhouse!

If you have some wooden pallets, and two days of free time, you can build one.

The tools you would be using are a hammer, nails, screw bar and a saw.

You would need the wooden pallets for the floor, door, porch and the roof top.

Take the extra pallets and tear them off. We can use this for filling in slats for the walls and the door.

We use plywood for the floor.

Now we secure our walls using 2×4 wood pieces and hammering them inside using screws. We do the same for all the connecting walls.

Make the roof by using the pallets and covering them with plywood. We can fill in the slats with the extra wood we have.

Now reinforce the roof with the 2×4 wood pieces.

And now, it is done. Just add some finishing touches to make it look attractive.

The things you need to buy are some hinges; handle for the door, and plywood for the roof and the floor.


This man certainly does have good parenting skills!