Aircel Boat On A Billboard In India! STOLEN!

From Atta to a new smartphone, it doesn’t matter what we decide to buy; our decision is affected by the millions of ads we see every day. And that’s why, companies both small and big have a panel of marketing experts who try their best to grab our attention.

Last year Aircel created a huge buzz with their boat campaign. They hung floats in all the low-lying areas which were quite infamous for water logging during the monsoons.

This year it was reported that Aircel invested double the money on this campaign and hung a life boat on a billboard.

This was Aircel’s big idea. They managed to hang a huge raft on a billboard in Guwahati which had “Sail through our network this monsoon” written on the billboard.

Now that is a wonderful caption to describe that their network is so smooth that you can use it without a glitch in the monsoons!ย They even had “In case of emergency, cut the rope” on the billboard, which is a fantastic initiative.

Not many mobile network companies give people rafts to use in the event of emergencies. Let’s face it; we live in the real world. Individuals in the real world aren’t as super sanskari as Aircel thought.

Aircel did get pretty good marketing in fact people even tried out the raft in water before it got hanged up on the billboard.

Aircel’s boat, STOLEN!

One beautiful morning, the boat went missing. No, the boat didn’t go on a walk. Someone stole Aircel’s lifeboat which was worth around 2.5 – 3 lakh. A FIR report was lodged. But didn’t Aircel mention that the boat can be used in the case of an emergency? So, why file a FIR report?

But the main question is who stole the boat? What could they possibly do with it?

Maybe a couple needed a nice comfortable boat to sleep in! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Or maybe her pretzel dissolved and she needed a lifeboat. ๐Ÿ˜€

Or maybe her Swan swam away, and she needed the boat. x-)

Well, we’ll never really know who took the boat. But we have to agree; Aircel got better marketing through the news of the stolen boat than from their billboard idea.

Let’s all hope that Aircel can “sail through this situation” smoothly!