An Abusive Relationship Taught Her The Lessons For Life! An Eye Opener For Others Too

Many of us have been in an abusive relationship and it took us time to get out of it! Though we are out now but the painful memories and scars often haunt us in our dreams still now. Here is an account of a person who was destroyed by an abusive relationship but also stood up with the lessons it taught her.

The first meet

When he smiled, said he loves her and even introduced her as his girlfriend in front of the family. She was on cloud nine.

The protection

When he embraced her, kept his hand wrapped around her waist as a gesture of protection. She felt secured.

The other side

The day he first showed his true colours, saying her friends were never good for anyone. When he refused to meet her mother and said there is no future for them.

The dirty picture

Those fights started with small tiffs but soon she found herself standing in front of the mirror soaking in her own tears, trying to make out why he treats her this way.

The false promise

He rushed into saying ‘I Love You,’! Was it only to be on top of her! With each passing day, the walls of the false promises came shattering down but still she couldn’t see the reality.

Taste of freedom

Finally, she gathered the courage to come out of the mirage and be free of the abusive relationship.

The guilt

Though she is in a better place now, but she could never forgive – herself. She let her self-esteem get to the lowest point and forgot to love herself.

The hate

She hated herself for allowing her to be treated like dirt. She hated herself for not believing that she deserves much better.

The realization

At the end of the day she realized, the only love she needs is for herself. She needs to love herself to feel the completeness.

The emotional, physical, and psychological effect is same for everyone be it a girl or guy. Friends, it’s time to let go of the dark box that is holding you back and enter into a new life filled with light.