Resume Tips That Can Improve Your Selection Chances Instantly

Do you know that on an average, a recruiter spends only 6 seconds on a resume? In such circumstances, it is fact that if you want to make an impact on the recruiter, you have to make your resume stand out! Resume tips thus help universally. Read the top 9 tips to make the best resume! A few sample CV have also been attached for your consideration.

9 Best Resume Tips To Help You Stand Out

tips to make the best resume

Write a crisp summary

#1. Start with a short summary

Grab the reader’s attention by introducing yourself in brief and explaining why you are the best fit for the job. This resume building tip can help you make an impact right at the start. The summary must be crisp yet informative. A well written resume summary kindles the reviewer’s interest to know more about you!

Read the 5 mistakes to avoid in your resume professional/executive summary.   

#2. To the point, professional format

A professional CV format is a make or break for any job opportunity. In addition to pleasing the eye, your resume must not miss out on any vital information that decides the selection. Focus should always be on the content rather than on visuals. A well-crafted proven CV format is attached for your reference.    

#3. The right order

You know what to include in your resume, but this is not enough. Finding the right order to mention it in the CV is equally important. Out of all the resume tips mentioned in this article, this particular step is very crucial. The more easy you make it for the reviewer to find the required information, chances are that he will return the favour!  

#4. Industry buzzwords – A Must

Resume Tips: Industry buzzwords

Include industry buzzwords

Words like “team player”, “accomplished”, “punctual” etc. grab the recruiter’s attention thereby helping you stand out. Specific buzzwords that relate to your industry can assist this process as well. Pre-determine the keywords that you find relevant to the job position and use them naturally in your resume to go pass any automated resume filters that might be in place.

#5. Accomplishments matter more than responsibilities

accomplishments in your resume

Speak of your accomplishments

More than 70% of what you talk about in your resume should be about your accomplishments. As an example, the mere mention, that you managed a team of 10, is not enough. You should go down a level deeper and mention how you propelled your associates to excel in their deliverables. Let the recruiter get a feel of your management style. Try and attach dollar and percentage signs to get more attention. A model resume keeping these resume tips in mind is here for you.    

#6. Weed out errors: Simple yet Exquisite is the key

resume tips - proper grammar

Do not jeopardize your chances with wrong grammar

Typographical errors and grammar mistakes in the resume depict a very unprofessional attitude. Do get your resume checked by a language expert in order to mitigate such circumstances. Use simple yet effective, elegant phrases and sentences rather than complex, keyword stuffed material. This is one of the basic resume tips you need to constantly keep in mind.

#7. Fine tune your resume for a specific job

Resume Tips

Fine tune with the recruiter’s frequency

A single CV for all the job opportunities will surely not serve the purpose. You need to fine tune your resume to reflect alignment to specific job profiles thereby showcasing your effective match for the opportunity. This resume tip if not kept in mind can severely affect your chances.

#8. Do not use a small font size: Resume has to be readable

Do you want to cram all your information in a single page and thereby use very small font sizes? You may surely stretch your CV beyond a page, if the need arises. Do not compromise on the readability of your resume by using a small font size. You may ask for resume tips from a number of experts and this is something that will be in common.

#9. Always attach a cover letter with your resume

The question comes now! What is a cover letter?

To be considered for almost any position, you will need to write a letter of application. Such a letter introduces you, explains your purpose for writing, highlights a few of your experiences or skills, and requests an opportunity to meet personally with the potential employer.

This is what The Writing Centre, University of Wisconsin – Madison explains a cover letter to be!

writing a cover letter

Do write a cover letter if you want the job!

You understand the importance now! Most HR managers do not even consider resumes without a cover letter. So take your time out and write a convincing cover letter for every job application to go with your resume. Tips on how to write the best cover letter will be covered soon.

You may be an experienced campaigner or you may be a fresher, a good resume is equally valuable for both. HR managers most often than not are overwhelmed with a lot of resumes. They keep looking for opportunities to weed out average candidates to save both time and effort. We sincerely believe that using these tips for resume building will save you from being a victim of the same!

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