Tongue-tied? 7 Tips To Approach Your Dream Girl With Confidence!

We all have been in the dilemma of not being able to understand how to talk to that person we want to so badly.

Be it our crush or someone we like so much. But as soon as we see them, we get tongue tied.

Especially boys face this kind of problem. They will hide their feelings till a millennium and keep feeling bad while seeing that girl talk to someone else.

So guys, realizing the gravity of the situation, lets help you with some tricks that could help you get close!

  • Ask a female friend for help

People feel a lot more comfortable talking to the same sex as theirs. Similarly, women feel better with other women when it comes to matters related to the heart. So get your female friend do the talking and tell your sweetheart how you feel about her. It will surely work for you.

  • Be casual

Whenever you talk to her, be casual and cool. Avoid discussing on topics that you know might cause disagreements. So talk about events, your schedule. Ask her about her classes and her interests. Don’t push her too hard for answers. Let her tell you something she wants to.

  • Don’t ask for her contact number

You should never ask for her contact number straight away for no apparent reason. This scares most girls. You can ask her mail ID or you can add her friend on Facebook.

  • A smile says it all

If you see her regularly, you can give her a casual smile when you see her. Boys can’t take their eyes off someone when they begin to like that girl. But overdoing this makes them look quite creepy. So instead, you can just smile at her whenever you both cross paths.

  • Don’t use pick up lines

Few girls like to be dated by guys who throw pick up lines. We don’t say it’s not cool. But in our opinion, if you really want to go long in your relationship with this girl, you should avoid using pickup lines with her. Instead, tell her how well has she done a project or how well has she handled a situation. Whenever she dresses differently, tell her she is looking beautiful.

  • Don’t over do

You don’t want yourself to come across her as an arrogant or overly proud dude. Don’t be the guy who is too shy to look into her eyes. But also don’t be someone who makes her count his achievements all the time. Girls like guys who blush a little when they are around!

  • Honesty counts every time

Be yourself every time. Girls don’t like to be faked. So tell them what’s going in your mind. And what you like and don’t like. Lies are a big no. They can seriously damage your image in front of them.