5 Stories On 5 Dates That Lead To One Realization

From Tinder to Truly Madly, there are a bouquet of different online dating apps that’s making it easier for us to go and meet new people. While some of us have found a perfect guy, other shares their horrible stories. However, this lady has some different story to share.

She dated 5 guys from the online dating apps and the result lead to a wonderful realization.

The muscle man

This guy picked her up and headed towards an Italian restaurant despite her request to go all-Dutch. He paid for the food, a point to rejoice for the girl 😉 ! They had a nice conversation but due to some personal reasons, she never saw him again and he respected that.

The bearded hunk

He picked her up from her society and over a cup of coffee they had two hours of non-stop chat. He was an amazing artist but sadly he was leaving the state for higher studies. The second date with the bearded macho-man was amazing and again he insisted on paying for the date.

The hotty

He looked amazing. She joined his colleagues and went to a club. The excitement of club and the amazing music kept her mesmerized. By the end of the date, she felt homesick and he understood that perfectly. To make her feel a little bit better he gave her a bear hug.

The dimple guy

They bonded over their love for common mother tongue and went for an ice cream date. He was nice and she went trekking with him. Dream guy or not, she certainly found a friend in him.

The spiky one

He was late! They had to speed up for the movie hall but managed to catch the movie on time. At first, she was eating her popcorn in a civilized way until he made her realize that she can hog, so did he. Thus, she met her new favorite person.

Not all guys are stalkers! That is what she realized. There are bad and good in both genders, but there are really nice guys out there who can be your friends or more! 

So when are you blind-dating again? 😉