Checking These 10 Signs Saved Her From Getting Dumped Once Again!

Nowadays, relationships are turning unstable due to the lack of care and responsible behaviour. Unending clashes due to  various contradicting views just adds to the problem. So being watchful and looking out for signs to judge the seriousness of your partner is very essential. At the end of the day, you do not want to be at the losing end of the relationship. Here we list the ten signs in a guy that ensure that he is serious about your relationship.

1) He cares for you

Caring for you even when you have fought, looking after you when you fall sick, dropping you home at late night are some of the best signs of him caring for you. If he does this, consider yourself lucky to have such a guy many girls would kill for.

2) He is a bit possessive

With love comes possessiveness. He will be a bit jealous to see you any how close to anyone, or if he finds out anyone crushing on you and that would just make him more loving cause he doesn’t want to lose you.

3) He respects you always

He doesn’t question your decisions or force his views upon you. If he is serious, he will always try to accept you and your thoughts just the way they are.

4) He appreciates you

He appreciates you whenever he can to flatter you and make you smile. He may pass on a compliment on a new dress or maybe any of your hobbies to make you blush and feel special.

5) He tries out new things just for you

He tries out new things which he perhaps would have never done except for you. It maybe cooking anything or braiding your hair to make you happy despite knowing what his friends will say if they know that. For him only you shall be priority and not what others say.

6) He is loyal and frank

A man should be loyal, even cement is strong. He doesn’t hide things and speaks to you openly about problems and anything you try to discuss or ask him without breaking eye contact.

7) He treats your family like his

He tries to please your parents with small gifts or maybe some helping actions like helping them with grocery shopping. He wants to be in their good books by impressing them if he has serious intentions about you!

8) He tries to understand your mood swings

Mood swings of girls pisses of most guys. But if it’s “Your guy” he will try to understand and cheer you up because he just loves your smile!

9) He assures you of your future with him

Does he talk of kids, future house and old age with you? Then girl marry him!! He is certainly serious about you if he has already started thinking of future with you! Not many men do that!

10) He never forgets to remind that he loves you

He reminds you by not words but sweet actions like sharing last bite of a food or giving a call to check you reached home properly. You are his world!

So girls look out for these little signs to save yourself from yet another heart break and guys start working on getting your dream woman! If you liked this article, have any queries or anything to say, please do let us know your comments!

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