10 Must-Watch Hollywood Flicks That Changed Our Lives!

Hollywood is an ocean of opportunities. From over the years it has set a benchmark for all film industries of the world. The movies they make stand out in every feature. Be it cinematography, direction or locations. They will make you think out of the box as they always stand out of the league. They aspire hundreds of people who wish to make room in this industry. So here we have sorted some of the movies which you must not miss.

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Directed by Stanley Kubrik, the movie shows the race between human kind and computers. It was way ahead of its time in its concept. It was made in 1968.

2. Fight Club

It was released in 1999; Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter starred in the movie. It got a lukewarm reception. But with time, people started to understand its true awesomeness.

3. Tropic Thunder

This movie is really well directed and has some of the finest actors in it- Tom Cruise and Robert Downy Junior. The latter actor got nominated for an Oscar for his role in it. The movie makes you smile.

4. Se7en

It is a crime thriller movie. It’s a movie about two cops who try to hunt a serial killer. It starred Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt.

5. Memento

It’s the movie that inspired Bollywood’s movie ‘Gajini’ and ‘Surya’. It’s one of those movies that you will have to watch twice because you can’t understand everything at once. But it’s really amazing to watch.

6. Moneyball

It’s based on a true story about a baseball team that was formally in ruins but a new mode of selection process changes its fate. It’s one of the best sports movies you’ll ever watch.