10 Failed Assassinations That Rocked The World!

History has witnessed a lot of great leaders and personalities. So has it witnessed multiple assassination attempts of the same! Some of these were successful while some failed miserably. These failed assassinations have in a way shaped the world scenario that we are a part of today.

Here we present 10 such failed assassination attempts that are vital to know for a lot of reasons! Read on to know more.

10 Failed Assassinations

  1. Adolf Hitler and Operation Valkyrie

One of the most talked about undercover operations of all time, the operation was carried out on the 20th of July 1944. A man called Colonel Von Stauffenberg went undercover in which he became a close associate of Hitler.  His main motive was to assassinate Hitler but it had to be called off at a number of associations, ultimately leading to failure (obviously) but eventually one came really close. The agent placed a briefcase with a bomb near Hitler, which was sadly moved away, but Hitler escaped with an injured hand a damaged eardrums.

  1. Fidel Castro and the CIA

    The master of escaped assassinations (600 times, not even kidding), Fidel Castro, is a name that shouldn’t be surprised is on the list. This failed presidential assassination tops the list. The CIA tired, attempted and failed at a number of assassinations, including, fungus-coated scuba suit, poisoned ball-point pen and cigar poisoning.

  1. Nero and the Collapsible Ceiling

One of the most insane rulers in history, Nero, after acclaiming the throne grew insanely jealous of his Mother’s popularity, and tried assassinating her. He built her bed in way so that after she lied on it, the ceiling would collapse on her, but unfortunately a servant was sent to warm her bed, and ultimately lay his life for her.

  1. Vladimir Lenin and Fanya Kaplan

    Easily the most influential communist leader, Lenin, just received more popularity after this funny failed assassination attempt. Kaplan shot the leader thrice which is pretty deadly, but apparently not for Vladimir as he reportedly recovered and executed Kaplan.

  1. Ronald Reagan and John Hinley

    One of the most unique failed presidential assassinations of all time, this one involved the John Hinley gaining inspiration from the Robert De Niro starrer, Taxi Driver. In an attempt to mimic him, Hinley unsuccessfully assassinated Regan and his then Vice President Bush, but both escaped with minimal injuries.

  1. Franklin D Roosevelt and the bricklayer

    Most US presidents have had major failed presidential assassinations, but Roosevelt here, made through one while delivering a speech in Miami. An unemployed bricklayer called Giuseppe Zangara opened fire on Roosevelt, which he luckily survived. This also gained him sympathy votes, leading to his iconic victory in the USA elections.

  1. Andrew Jackson and Richard Lawrence

    Richard Lawrence tried to shoot the then sitting US president Andrew Jackson outside the US Capitol. Lawrence failed and was supposedly beaten up by Jackson with a cane. Lawrence was declared mentally unstable after being taken into custody and spent the rest of his life in a mental asylum.

  1. Charles De Gaulle and the Citroen DS

    The French president and his wife were subjected to heavy gunfire while travelling, which they escaped thanks to the superior  technical features of the presidential car Citroen DS car. This incident however took the life of two policemen.

  1. Malala Yousafzai and the Taliban

An international icon, Malala, who gained fame and support for upholding female education rights, miraculously survived the group’s outrageous attack. She was shot in the head, but her commendable self-determination lead her to recovery. She also won the 2014 Nobel peace prize jointly with Kailash Satyarthi.

  1. Pope John Paul II and Mehmet Ali Agca

A miraculous recovery in every sense, the person shot the now late pope four times which left him nothing but critically injured arms and the attacker with a life imprisonment.

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